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QuickBooks Online Tips & Tricks - Shared screen with speaker view
Jennifer Thompson
We were wondering if any of you received the email reminder about the webinar 1 day prior and 1 hour prior. We were uncertain, so we manually sent a reminder about 5 minutes before.
Myles Weigel
I only received the reminder sent 5 minutes prior.
Amelia Jach
https://webinar.ringcentral.com/webinar/register/WN_m-mm0y7wTlusCfTC6c2TDwClick here to register for next week's Accounting webinar with Crystal on Year End Prep she just mentioned. Thanks!
Cristi Werth
We are able to bank sync on the trust account and have no issues. Best thing EVER!!
Amelia Jach
Just a reminder, to put questions for the speaker, etc. in the Q&A section so we can "manage" them. Thanks!
Cristi Werth
I actually currently add them to HS
Cristi Werth
I wrote the check but can I can just transfer with the bank instead of writing a check
Amelia Jach
Thank you everyone for attending today! If you have any final questions, go ahead and put them in the Q&A now so we can cover them in the next 1 minutes before we close. thanks!
Cristi Werth
All awesome Information, THANK YOU!!!